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What We Bake

Simple Deliciousness

Fresh Cinnamon Buns

A classic brioche cinnamon roll shaped a little more elegantly, topped with a local honey simple syrup and lightly dusted with vanilla powdered sugar. Sweet, sticky, and extremely moreish. Look for different versions like pumpkin spiced or chocolate babka with hazelnuts.


Almond Croissants

Our twice baked almond croissants are basically croissants on steroids. We fill and smother them with our own frangipane(almond paste)  and then bake them again until they are perfectly crisp and absolutely delicious. If you like almonds and croissants then this is the pastry for you!


Sourdough Loaves

Our Sourdough Loaves are baked fresh daily using sustainable, non-GMO, unbleached, and unbromated flour.  They also are fermented to perfection, building all the healthy prebiotics, and then cold-proofed for over 14 hours to give it that tangy taste that sourdough is known for. 

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Raw Pizza Dough

What is better than pizza night at home? We think not too much. That's why we have our raw pizza dough for those family or friend get-togethers.  Not only can you eat delicious long-fermented sourdough pizza, but you can also practice your pizza-making skills. 


Morning Buns

Another croissant on steroids.  Our buns are made with laminated croissant dough and rolled up with brown sugar and then coated in cinnamon and sugar. Perfect little morning sugar rush.  We make them classic and with toppings such as pistachio mascarpone, and maple banana. 


Raspberry Tarts

We take this classic tart and add a crispy Scottish shortbread crust with layers of vanilla pastry cream, fresh raspberries, and toasted almonds. This fresh little pastry is a complete flavor burst just waiting for you to enjoy


Find Us

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Boise Farmers Market
Saturdays 9am-1pm
Coffee and Supply Co.
Wednesday - Buns, Bread, and Pizza
Friday - Buns
Hillfort Farms - Meridian
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Teal Magnolia Gifts
Thursday Deliveries
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