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At Burread, our main ingredient is flour.  It is the one ingredient that is in everything we make and it is the most prominent in all our products. Therefore, we feel it should be the best it can be, not only for our health but our planet's health too.  When we choose our flour we look for farmers who use the best techniques and practices to ensure sustainability and no chemicals added including glyphosate. Our business can't succeed without our farmers and our customers, so we want to make sure we not only support farmers who go the extra mile but also support you, our customers, by providing you with healthy products with no secrets or side effects.

Milled in Bellevue, ID.  They are using a high extraction method to grind the flour and keep 100% of the grain. That not only means great flavor, but the full health benefits of the grain too.

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Milled in the PNW. This company is a collective of farmers who's main goal is to use regenerative practices to turn bad soil into healthy , living soil. They are 100% farmer owned and every bag of flour is traceable back to the farmer who grew it.


Milled in Buhl, ID.  This third generation farm is milling delicious whole wheat flour with a focus on regenerative practices to maintain good soil health and promote biodiversity.

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