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How To Cut Through Crusty Sourdough

We have all been there. Finally we have a perfect loaf of sourdough and we went to cut into it and the struggle begins. Either we can't break through the crust, or when we do, the inside is so soft that we can't slice through that too and the slice is uneven and maybe even incomplete. Trust me, it happens to everybody, including me. All I can really say is you might need to invest in a proper bread knife. That was the trick for me. Now there are "techniques and skills" involved with slicing the loaf, but the knife is half the battle. First, let's go over some of those "skills and techniques". Basically, you are sawing the loaf, that is the way to look at it. It's not so much pushing through it like when cutting vegetables, it's more like sawing a piece of wood. Also, the slower you go, the more even your slice will be, just watch out for your hand of course. I know it sounds crazy to talk about how to slice a loaf of sourdough bread, but once you get that perfectly even slice in the toaster or on your sandwich, it makes it more enjoyable. I promise it's worth it.

Now you are probably wondering, where can I get a better bread knife, and what makes a good bread knife? Most bread knives are short and not heavy. You want a knife that is long and has some weight to it. The weight helps to break through the crust with less effort and the length helps to cut the whole width of the loaf. You want to saw through the whole thing right away. Not get through half the loaf and have to go back and saw away some more. Here is a link to a knife I received 20 years ago when I started culinary school. I still use it to this day and I have never even had it sharpened in 20 years. I 100% recommend this knife. It cuts through the crustiest crust and the most pillowy crumb that any sourdough can throw at you. If you like sourdough, you will like this knife. It also works great for slicing just about anything, including tomatoes. Now, there are many other knives out there as well that will work, but this style is a good guide to go buy if you want to purchase your own brand. I hope that if you have sourdough slicing troubles, this post will help. Happy slicing!

Here's the link:

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